The best low-carb protein bars 😋


Hello my beloved reader,

Today I want to recommend you my most favourite fitness protein bars.

They’re from the brand ‚Layenberger‘, who also sells protein -cereals, drinks, and other different kinds of protein-supplements.

I only buy the protein-bars in the moment, because they’re tasting quiet good and are the perfect alternative to other sweet chocolate bars. So when you’re looking for good protein sweets, this is it!

They also convinced me because of their nutritional informations.

One bar weights 35 gram. As example the banana-chocolate bar has these nutritional informations:

Kcal = 120 kcal

Fat = 3,2 g

Carbohydrates = 8,6 g

Sugar = 0,5 g

Roughage = 2,4 g

Protein = 15,8 g

L-Carnitine = 298 mg

Lot of people say that the portion of protein is higher in other bars. That’s true, but most of the time these bars are also high in fat, calories and carbohydrates. For myself I like to get especially low-carb proteins with also less calories, so my daily calorie intake isn’t affected that much and I still can eat normal meals. Some protein-bars have 300 calories. That’s nearly half of a meal for me. When it comes to dieting, training and body-shaping it’s very important to know your daily calorie intake. Nobody loses weight or fat with eating more than they’re actually burning.

Now back to the bars. Personally I think the banana-chocolate one is the best tasting. They all have a small bitter taste at the end, but it’s really humble. Even my boyfriend, who actually avoids protein bars (since he had real bad experiences with the taste) was really surprised how good they are. And when you drink protein shakes you know how bitter it can be, but it’s nearly half of it. The espresso-chocolate bar is perfect for starting the day. I like to eat the bars in the morning or before / after a workout. They fill you quiet a while and you won’t get hungry so fast.

Cranberry-Cassis is a little bit too sweet for my taste, but also not that bad and until now I didn’t had the chance to try Mango-Orange, Lemon-Mint and Chocolate-Nut. (Maybe I’m going to order some since I would really like to know how Chocolate-Nut tastes 👅)

Coconut-Almond is the last bar, which I just really can’t make friends with. Somehow the buttery taste isn’t mine. The consistency is rather firm and thats also one point I like when it comes to this bars.

So that’s the end of my post, I hope some fitness-junkies of you will try them and get the same good results as I did. Have a nice day, Joy ~

Vistiting Hamburg and my best friend 💝

Hey my lovely reader,

Today I want to introduce you one point in my life, which always makes me a little sad, but also happy. My best friend moved to Hamburg two years ago. This somehow broke my heart, since we cant see each other as much as we used to. She moved there because Hamburg is what she calls here „real Home“.

Sometimes we see each other in Berlin. As example when she visits her parents. And sometimes I find the time and money to visit her in Hamburg.

I really like Hamburg.

Especially the beautiful harbor and the luxury shopping streets. Also I always get myself a „Fischbrötchen“.

Hella delicious fresh fish in a bread, for most of the time 5 Euro.

When you find the time to visit Hamburg, you really have to visit the best Hamburger Restaurant there! It’s called Dulf’s Burger and is located in the Karolinenstraße 2.

This was one of the best parts of my last visit in Hamburg. Normally when you get there you have to wait like 15-30 minutes to get a seat in the restaurant. Especially when dinner-time is. But when you have a little luck, as we did, you just need to wait for 4 min. We were the last group who stand in the queue, but since we were to only one group of 4 persons and not 2, we got a table immediately.

I hope you liked my post. Have a good time, see you soon ~

One of the Top Japanese Restaurants in Berlin

Hello reader,

Today I want to recommend you one of the best Japanese restaurants in Berlin.

It’s located in Mitte near the Hackescher Markt and 5 minutes away from s-station Oranienburgerstraße.

‚Kuchi‘ is one of 3 restaurants from a Japanese store chain, which has also the restaurant ‚Next to Kuchi‘ and ‚Kuchi Kant‘ located in Berlin.

You can order there some delicious sushi, ramen, wok dishes, rice-bowls and all the food you would like to eat in an Japanese restaurant. 🤤

The price for an Appetizer begins at 4 euro. For the main dishes you have to pay between 9 to 15 Euro. Some specials will coast you like 26 Euro (a big plate) and sushi is between 5 to 13 euro. Also they offer nice drinks and desserts.

We got us sushi and dumplings as Appetizer. Then for me a rice-bowl with chicken and for him duck with rice and lot’s of sauce. Since we were so full, we didn’t order a dessert. But we are determined to order a dessert on our next visit!

The meat was so delicate and soft, the skin of the dumplings was perfectly thin and they were filled with lot’s of food 🤤 all in all we were so surprised, because the restaurant was incredibly crowded, but it only took 5 min until we got the Appetizer and another 5 minutes for the main dishes. The service was the best. They had to do so much, but perfectly managed to make every customer happy. So chapeau Kuchi!! We will come back soon 😍👍🏼

Let’s praise the Christmas Dinner

Hello my beloved reader. Today I want to praise the one dinner, that we yearn for a whole year. The one dinner, that let’s us remember our childhood like nothing else. And the one dinner which brings us all together in happiness.

Since my grandma used to cook our Christmas dinner, but is too old know and my mother can’t cook, me and my brother prepared the Christmas Dinner 2018 for our family.

We always celebrate the cooking on Christmas. Michael Buble sings loud in our kitchen, my mom looks over our shoulders with the words „But you will clean the kitchen after cooking!“ 👩🏼‍⚖️ and my grandparents and other family members are relaxing in the living room, waiting for the dinner to be ready.

And oh yes, I love to cook with my brother. 👩🏼‍🍳👨🏼‍🍳

Our dinner consisted a 3 course menu.

1: White Wine Onion-Soup

2: Chicken with Spinach and Potatoes

3: Self-made Italian Tiramisu

Would you like to get the receipt? What did you eat on Christmas and who cooked it?

Have a great evening. Much love, Joy 💋

Christmas Spirit in Dresden


Two days before Christmas my boyfriend and me went to a short trip to Dresden the main capital of Sachsen located in Germany. 


All was planned by me as a surprise for my boyfriend. He didn’t know anything and so I made a plan how to tell him where we would go on our one-day-trip. 


So it took me like 4 freaking hours to make a quiz for him. 😴 He had to answer 7 questions about me. I made it extra difficult for him, and asked questions he couldn’t even know like, „Whats the first name of my grandpa?“. It was so funny because he was like „Girl, how should I know?!“ 🙅‍♂️ . At the end I told him the answer and after every answer he got one tip to where we would drive. That was actually the plan, but not with my boyfriend. After he read the first tip he knew it was Dresden. So disappointing for me, since i planed to let him read the first tip and then answer the second question and get the second tip and so on. 😭😂

We had a wonderful day in Dresden. It was actually raining all day long and freezing cold, but it was worth it. One highlight was the „Striezel Christmas Market“. Fun fakt: It’s called Striezel because in high German Striezel means Stollen, like the traditional Christmas pastry. So it’s actually the Stollen Christmas Market. Also it opened his door this year for the 584th time. Amazing 😱!!! It’s definitely worth a trip and I recommend it highly to you! Below are some beautiful pics. Have a lovely day, your Joy. 💋